Nothing Left to Lose

Sometimes in life, our only option left is to take a great risk in order to succeed…

Complacency is something which has come natural to me, like many others. You get into a routine, of financial security. There’s never a good enough time to take a risk because you’re secure. The thought of abandoning comfort for uncertainty seems irresponsible. That’s why there’s no greater time to take a risk than when your back is up against the wall.

I wanted to save a certain amount before going to LA. I knew I would hit my target by the summer. I didn’t get the chance. At the end of my office’s busy season, I was laid off six months after being hired. Instead of getting upset, I actually felt relief. I’m 3/4 to my savings already. Besides, in my complacency I was already talking myself out of a summer move because I told myself “you should save even more.”

The reality is that nothing was ever going to be enough.

I hated my job with a burning passion – I hated that job and it’s shitty culture more than anything I ever did for a living before. But I did my work without complaint. As they say, last to be hired, first to be fired. I wipe my hands of it now. Yet before this unfortunate event, I was almost growing used to the suffering because I was saving a lot of money.

Yet what good is saving if you don’t plan to somehow use those savings to better yourself? That’s where I find myself now. I have no choice but to escape complacency. I have no choice but to take a great risk or be left to take some other shitty job or low paying NY film job with no advancement opportunity. So without hesitation – before I could even talk myself out of it, I put the gears in motion for a move to LA.

I feel physically sick just writing it. I am terrified. I have no job when I get there. There is no security in this decision whatsoever. It feels financially reckless. Yet, it is my only option less I wind up in the exact same place I have been since I moved back from LA five years ago.

It is my only option or else I will wind up just spinning my gears in perpetuity with my next ‘day job.’ I will be 29 in three months. It sounds young, but it’s not. I need to commit to something or spend my life with regrets.

Complacency is awful. It is laziness. Most importantly- it is misery. The only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams is you. The reality is, I probably have more savings than many going out West. The reality is, I’ll find something – even if it’s not in film to start. Complacency is the result of lack of confidence, and to take risk requires confidence. Believe in yourself, it’s a small first step.

I wish it didn’t take such an awful set of events to force me to act. Yet I take my newfound situation as a blessing. This is the best thing that could’ve happened to me because it’s forced me out of complacency. If you find yourself spinning wheels, acknowledge it and take power over your situation in life before some awful external event does for you.

“You’re not the right fit for us at this time,” HR said. I couldn’t agree more. NY isn’t the right fit either. I’ve known that for a while. Now I act on it.

Reject complacency or forever live life with regrets. Life is an adventure, go explore.


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