The Regressive Left

Progressives hate Trump so much, many are willing to believe almost anything negative written or said about him. As these unsubstantiated rumors wind up in the mainstream press, it does the anti-Trump movement and progressive movement beyond it serious lasting damage.

Case in point a popular rumor grasped on to just these past few days: Blackstone Group is wholly owned by Russian billionaires, and Trump owes them a significant sum of money. Ergo, because Trump owes Russians money via the Blackstone Group, Russia had a vested interest in hacking Trump’s rivals.

Except, Blackstone Group isn’t owned by Russian billionaires, nor are there any Russians in ownership positions. In fact, Blackstone Group doesn’t even have a major Russian portfolio due to risks associated with the country. The firm pulled out of all Russian investments in September 2014, a full year before Trump even announced his candidacy. While Trump does have a relationship with Blackstone, so do most New Yorkers in the real estate sector. Blackstone has the largest portfolio of New York real estate on record.

So how did such an obviously false rumor wind up in Mediaite and other major left-leaning blogs and opinion commentator appearances? It seems to have been spammed all over the Internet first.

A quick google search of the exact phrase “Blackstone wholly owned by Russian billionaires” reveals approximately three pages of results! Possibly more, but I figured three pages of the exact same 500+ word comment were enough evidence to prove my theory of comment spam. In fact, the same comment appears on numerous media sites’ comment sections – from Variety to MSNBC. Most notably, a top comment on Donald Trump’s official Facebook page.

You can see the Facebook comment here: img_6085

It is so long and rambling a comment, a single screen shot could not capture it all. I am not sure who started this comment, as all are posted within a short time frame of one another. It could be human, or bot. It’s possible that it is the same person behind the spam, or just guilable people passing along the rumor. What is clear is that it is a completely unsubstantiated rumor not supported by any facts.

Since the fallout of Russian meddling in our election process, progressives have lost their ability to reason. Many trusted media outlets’ opinion sections (and even beyond editorials) are beginning to read like a rant from Alex Jones. Jones, a notable conservative conspiracy theorist, is well known for his emotional tirades and nonsensical rants on his website and numerous documentaries. He is so passionate about his beliefs that he will print and say almost anything with little to no peer reviewed research or legitimate sources provided. Progressives have long criticized him and eventually sought to ignore him altogether since he clearly lacked any credibility.

Now progressives are engaging in the same behavior. They will print or say almost anything that is negative about Trump. Progressives are so worried about Donald Trump, they will stop at nothing to undermine him. They have lost all reasoning ability – reposting Facebook comments as political theory. There is a sense of hysteria on the Left right now and much like the hysteria of Alex Jones, it has the ability to seriously undermine credibility.

Donald Trump is a very flawed man and an even more seriously flawed politician. It is not hard to act within the bounds of professionalism and journalistic integrity when criticizing this man and his dangerous incoming administration. Lets not stoop to the level of Alex Jones and the numerous opinionated fake news propaganda pieces that helped to elect Trump. Someone has to be the adult in the room, and right now there doesn’t appear to be one.


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