Love is a Force of Nature

Falling in love is a bit like the rules of gravity, that once you begin to fall, you are hopeless to stop the laws of nature. As mere mortal beings we are hopeless to control the forces of nature, only to understand our interaction with it.

If we could control who we fall in love with, we wouldn’t fall at all. If we had any way to stop strong feelings toward one another, romantic or otherwise, we would push back with reason against something which is wholly irrational. We cannot explain how it happens, only that when it happens, we know that is has.

To this day the laws of physics have failed to adequately define gravity. We have hypothesized spacial curvature to begin to provide some known shape to our universe made up from matter we still fail to largely understand. “The big bang shouldn’t have created our universe,” scientists today claimed.

In those few seconds after what has come to be called “the big bang,” the hole should have caved in on itself. Instead, millennia later highly developed complex organisms live to write about it, without ever truly understanding it.

Man is arrogant. He believes he can postulate the answer to everything. The true insanity is not the person who comes to fall for natures laws, but one who constantly tries to explain it.

Humans have always sought to understand things from a highly logical perspective. That when things do not fit our notion of what is logical, it must be irrational, or insane. We live life and try to explain why things happen, striving to find some answer to an eternities old existential question, but the answer is not universal. There is no universal truth.

Not everything can necessarily correspond to logic in the way it is classically defined. Certainly not love. The moment we try to dehumanize the experience of nature is the moment we loose what it means to truly love or be loved in return.

We should merely exist in awe of natures beauty and be happy we are complex and alive enough to even understand what it feels like to love, to feel strongly or to care deeply about another species or human being. The universe is full of many questions, not all of which necessarily must be understood by man.




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