A Message to the Millennial Generation

A Message to the Millennial Generation

In the 1930s, the United States of America and the world was thrust into a Great Depression. For up to a decade after, millions would struggle to find jobs, honest wages and move on with their lives in comfort.

In 2008, over a decade of living beyond our means, much like in the 1920s, resulted in another financial crisis. The result has been much the same. While there may not be any dust bowls, there are certainly millions going through the same struggles.

No where is this struggle more apparent than for the Millennial generation, or those of us born 1980-1995. We came of age during great American prosperity and technological innovation. We witnessed the age of the Internet and taught our parents how to use a keyboard. We saw record stock market growth and soaring home purchases. And then it would all come crashing to the ground.

As a result, Millennials more than any other generation in the past (apart from Depression era) are struggling to begin their careers. Most of us live with our parents, work part-time if we are lucky and usually sans benefits like health insurance. Economists have come to call this generation of kids graduating during the Great Recession “the lost generation.” Defined by delayed careers, over-education, perpetual low wages, debt and increasing cost of living and credit.

And of course to say this is only applied to Millennials is silly, because there are many older folks struggling too, but not like this. A whole entire generation of young, smart kids with dreams that fade as the days go by. Just getting by is a struggle, let alone getting into a career you want.

And so I write this in dedication to the “lost generation,” because I am not the only kid who is lost right now. Many of us are, and it’s OK. I have never struggled and been so unhappy in my life, but I know that I am not alone.

The one thing that made the Great Depression a bit more bearable was that American’s came together. Complete strangers helping one another, spreading kindness and support in whatever way they could. There was still this belief in American exceptionalism, that they would get by. And so that generation spread love and kindness and support to their fellow man in a bid to overcome.

And so I write this as a message to my generation, our generation, as a way of lending support to all who struggle like myself. We will get through this. We will overcome, but only if we work through this together. So spread kindness, support and help each other. Go out and love somebody and tell them how much they mean to you. Send a message of encouragement and be the bearer of good deeds. We do not need to be defined as the lost generation, and it all starts by helping one another to see the light in order to be found.


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