The Apple Can do Everything Crowd Needs to Pipe Down

In this week’s Variety, there appeared an article proclaiming yet again that console gaming is dying. Without any numbers to prove this assumption correct, they then proceed to proclaim that Apple will be it’s replacement. Of course they must know consoles are nearly sold out in pre-sales nationwide. They probably just wrote the article to generate controversy and get clicks. But the issue here is not so much the “gaming consoles are dying” argument, but the “apple can do everything” argument.

When people start talking about all the things Apple should get into, they fail to consider whether Apple would even be good at doing any of these things. Apple is a brilliant and innovative company, no doubt. And I’ve even played some games with incredible graphics, like Real Racing 3 on my iPhone. The problem is most of these games get boring after a while because they lack substance.

Mobile gaming cannot compete with console gaming because mobile gaming  doesn’t have the hard drive capacity to compete. In these epic games like Skyrim, the generation of highly detailed scenery even features crawling ants on grass blades! And for that amount of detail, graphics, and most importantly, a rich story line within that world, you need MAJOR storage capability. The engines that run these games are massive. Also, these games are running on Blu-Ray (Sony) or standard discs (Xbox), so the HD space is really not being used much; it’s the disc that operates in conjunction with the console. Mobile devices are storing many things at once, not just basic apps and game data. A PS3 has a stock 120GB hard drive in addition to operating a Blu-Ray disc (which holds more data than a standard disc). Your standard BATTERY POWERED iPhone has 16G (4G devoted to the OS) — that’s barely enough to run a glitch free game of Tetris!

For mobile games to even compete with console games, they first need to address storage and also battery issues. Instead of focusing on how Apple could compete with consoles, the genius that wrote the Variety article instead goes off on some tangent on how an Apple TV could take advantage of new WiFi technology to offer a comparable experience via gaming over TV through iPhone. WiFi has nothing to do with it! It’s all about storage, and overall quality of the experience. And writing that Apple is working with controller developers when it doesn’t even offer removable storage options strikes me as complete BS. It would require a bulkier iPhone, and they would never do that.

In concluding my rant, when I was around 5, my mother told me not to talk about things which I know nothing about because that’s ignorant. She told me to be open minded, and then I would learn new things. The problem with the “Apple can do everything” crowd is that they are technologically unsavvy fanboys who fail to realize that even Apple can’t do it all. Folks who advocate for everything in one ecosystem fail to realize what that ecosystem would even be like (here’s a hint, it would suck). These folks are the same folks who unknowingly advocate the same logic as those who advocated for communism. They are basically saying, why have Sony make games when Apple could just do it all. This is logically the same as saying: why have this clothier make your shirts when Stalin could just do it all. I don’t want Stalin making me shitty cheap shirts any more than I want Apple making me watered down shitty games.

The future holds many great new technologies. Battery power and hard drive capacity on small devices will continue to increase. But even when they do, futurists and technophiles alike need to still remember that no matter the technological possibility, some are better at one thing than another. That’s why we have capitalism and not communism. Technological progress works best cooperatively. We should not advocate for any one-man show that favors our brand preferences. That would be tantamount to technological communism. And I for one don’t want that crap, especially when I know I can get better.


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