A Summary of Today’s NSA Hearings: Lies, Damn Lies & Government Statistics

At the height of the perpetual War on Terror, former president George W. Bush famously declared “you’re either with us or against us.” So ladies and gentlemen, the terrorists are back, and today the NSA is here to keep you safe against those awful bad guys. And if you’re not a supporter of the NSA, the government believes simply that you’re against US interests and have taken their cause of defending NSA snooping back to Capitol Hill for another round of hearings.

The statements in defense of the NSA program by its director Keith Alexander range from completely unsupportable to outright lies. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most memorable statements of the day along with why they’re ridiculous and why you shouldn’t lend them any support or legitimacy. So sound the Looney Tunes music, here we go!

NSA head Keith Alexander is back folks…and he is armed with updated information on —  BAD GUYS! Initially Mr. Alexander claimed that

“The NSA program has foiled dozens of terror plots.”

When begged for more information regarding specifics, he claimed

“That information is classified but we are working on getting more specifics.”

Classified, right. So we have no real proof this is the case outside this guys “trust us” argument. So if Mr. Alexander said “I’ve seen literally dozens of pink unicorns…but that information is classified…we’re working on more info,” we should just trust him?

Well, lets give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Surely today the infamous head of the NSA has more specifics. WELL YES…kind of. Today we’ve learned more about how much the NSA has done! Apparently, according to Alexander:

“The NSA has foiled 50 terrorist plots.”

WOW! Fifty. I guess when the NSA guys went back to base and decided to look at the “specifics” they found 30 more cases that they initially discounted a week ago. So 50 pink unicorns, do we have details, you know the specifics you promised.

Kind of:

The NSA head alleges they were able to break up the NYC Subway plot of the infamous Najibullah Zazi……..by monitoring his communications with Al-Qaeda in……….. Yemen.

Wonderful job….no seriously, good job. So why are you monitoring domestic communications of non-international phone calls again? Why are you using the FOREIGN Intelligence Surveillance Act to collect info domestically on citizens in bulk?

Look, if someone is making phone calls to known areas of terrorism, there should be a follow up. But all these suspicious cases can be easily dealt with by the use of Constitutional, individual warrants and not a drag net, secret policy of recording all American’s phone and internet records. Last I checked I’ve never called Yemen, or even the Middle East. So who cares about my phone’s metadata or what I am emailing?

As Billy Mays says, WAIT THERE’S MORE!:

The government goes on to also include a case where the New York Stock Exchange was a target in the early stages of an attack originating in…….Kansas City. A-HA! A domestic attack, see, the NSA does do good!…Not so much, this guy was also on the phone with….. Yemen.

But what about the guy who was “snooping” in San Diego, clearly an evil-doer plotter? He was a domestic bad guy! Nope, he was on the phone with………. Somalia.

OK, OK, but what about the Boston Bombers — That was a domestic attack! Sort of, they were from Chechnya. But again, that attack was successful.

That’s like the NSA saying, “well you see this guy here, Mohamed Attah, he flew a hijacked airplane into a building in NYC that killed 3000 people on 9/11/01…here we have a surveillance video of him 9/12/01!”

The attack was carried out despite surveillance in place. WHY? Because sophisticated terrorists aren’t using technological communications to talk with one another. And in the unsophisticated attack on Boston, communications were in place, including a Facebook page full of Jihadi imagery. And despite the NSA program in place, the attack was still carried out, killing 3 Americans and one Chinese student.

So how much freedom are we willing to sacrifice for security? In the end as Benjamin Franklin stated, we will have neither.

NOT IN ONE INSTANCE has the NSA today shown that it’s vast surveillance program on innocent US Citizens kept us safe. They have failed even in the slightest to connect the NSA program in question to the foiled attacks mentioned, since they have offered up no evidence outside their sworn testimony. And if National Security head James Clapper’s lying to Congress about the NSA months ago is any indication, these people aren’t very good at telling the truth, certainly not WHOLE truths.

And adding insult to injury, Obama finally gave a lengthy interview on the hearings, where he stated:

“The NSA is transparent.”

NO, it is not. The government is lying to your faces folks. And if you’re too ignorant to see it, I hope you don’t vote. And for those who do vote, and recognize the NSA is basically about as transparent as a brick wall, call/email your Senator/Congressman (available on their website) and tell them to stop watching us and while you’re at it tell them to support Bernie Sanders bill “ROPA: Restore Our Privacy Act” and get this out of control surveillance state back within Constitutional confinement along with FISA restored to its original lawful powers.


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